Women's Dress Watches

When you're getting dressed up, the cherry on top of your outfit should be your dress watch. Dress watches for women have evolved over the years, but it doesn't change their importance to a fully put together ensemble.

Nixon dress watches for women embody the style and refinement you expect from us, with the understated details that you love to discover. They come in both analog and digital, giving you the choice of movements for your fanciest moments.

Our analog women's dress watches offer a classic look but have all the little design details we obsess over. They range from simple to opulent, but each has a distinct personality to match your style aims. Our digital dress watches offer a new vision of what's possible in more formal settings. They also provide a fresh combination of functionality and style that's unique in the watch world.

So when the occasion calls for a little something extra, Nixon's dress watches for women are there to answer.